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A York®gas furnace provides quality and dependability you can trust for cozy comfort in cold weather. Our broad lineup of high efficiency furnace systems is built to fit any budget or need: From our economical Latitude™ Series to the innovative LX Series to the ultra energy-efficient Affinity™ Series models.

Factors to Consider in a Furnace


Various methods are used to rate energy efficiency (AFUE for furnaces, SEER for central air conditioners, and SEER and HSPF for heat pumps) to help you compare energy costs. Play Video


Thanks to variable speed technology, you get more effective air circulation that matches your level of comfort more efficiently and precisely. Play Video

Affinity™ Series Gas Furnaces

Affinity™ Series gas furnaces come with advanced modulating burners and variable-speed blowers that can match your comfort level more precisely, plus the innovative ClimaTrak™ Comfort System to set furnace operation to suit your locale.

  • ENERGY STAR®models that use at least 15-25% less energy than standard models.
  • Modulating burner and variable speed blower to match your comfort level precisely.
  • ClimaTrak™ Comfort System to match your locale.
  • Lifetime heat exchanger and 10-year parts limited warranties.
LX Series Heat Gas Furnaces

LX Series furnaces fit your needs with select high efficiency models that reduce your utility bills and a compact 33-inch cabinet that easily fits in tight areas.

  • High efficiency models to cut utility costs.
  • Modulating burner or variable speed blower to provide a closer degree of comfort.
  • Compact 33-inch cabinet.
  • 10-year parts and lifetime or 20-year heat exchanger limited warranties.
Latitude™ Series Gas Furnaces

Count on the high efficiency of the Latitude™ Series models to reduce your utility bills. Plus, the compact 33-inch cabinet will fit into your home with room to spare.