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HVAC System Types

HVAC System

Systems that are at home in any home

Your drapes, fabrics and paint colors were all chosen with care to suit your home and tastes. Your heating and cooling system should be just the same. That's why we offer our innovative products in four configurations. One is sure to meet your needs perfectly.

Split systems

A split system simply means your solution has products that reside both inside and outside your home. In many cases, a split system consists of:

  • Furnace - provides heating and the fan used year round to circulate air
  • Evaporator coil - the indoor component of your outdoor cooling unit
  • Air conditioner or heat pump - works in tandem with the evaporator coil
  • Ducts - carry the conditioned air throughout your home
  • Control or thermostat - your interface for controlling your system
  • Optional air quality accessories - clean, humidify, and freshen air before it circulates throughout your home

Some split systems consist only of an outdoor unit - such as a heat pump or air conditioner - and an inside fan coil. If that's the case, there's usually another heat source in the home like baseboard heat or a boiler.

Ductless split systems

As you may have guessed from its name, a ductless split system doesn't rely on air ducts to spread treated air in your home. Instead, this specialty system is designed to heat or cool room additions or other places that may lack ductwork, such as home theatres, exercise rooms, garages or any other area where the existing system doesn't quite cut it. Ductless split systems include:

  • Small outdoor air conditioner or heat pump unit
  • A compact indoor wall unit
  • Refrigerant tubing and wire connections - pass through a small hole from indoor to outdoor unit to connect the system.
  • On unit or remote control - your interface for controlling your system

Packaged systems

Some homes just don't have space inside for a furnace or the coil needed for cooling. That doesn't mean they can't be filled with the same comfort and improved air quality of a split system home.

Packaged units tend to all look alike but can do vastly different things:

  • Cool only as an air conditioner
  • Cool and heat as an electric heat pump
  • Cool and heat as a gas furnace with electric air conditioner

As an all-in-one unit, the only other thing you need is a control or thermostat and, of course, ductwork to carry the conditioned air. Additionally you can add air quality accessories if you like. Packaged systems may be located on the exterior of your home, either on a flat rooftop or in the yard.